The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, known for its publications of many useful and thoughtful provoking books, has rendered valuable service to our country, by drawing the attention of foreigners and Indians to abiding features of India’s culture and values who, under the influence of modern scientific progress, pooh-pooh the ancient Indian sages and their knowledge of this world and soil of their scientific and systematic study of the evocation of the world and human beings. The Bhavan's publications have been growing in number as well as in quality and variety and have earned distinguished place in the book world. A number of books translated in Marathi have also been published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan recently and the response is very encouraging.


  • Jnaneshwari (English/ Marathi/ Hindi) – Shri. M.R. Yardi, ICS (Retd.)
  • Geetamai – Shri. M.R. Yardi, ICS (Retd.)
  • Ramkrishna and Vivekananda by Dr. V.R. Karandikar. (out of print)
  • Patrakaritechya Vishwat – Editor Eknath Bagul
  • Vidnyan Chashmyatun Loksankhya – Dr. Vasnatrao Gowarikar
  • Magova Arogyacha – P.S. Gore
  • Aahar Ek Yagyakarma – P.S. Gore
  • Abhangwani Tukayachi – Editor – Dr. P.N. Joshi
  • Gandhiji – Mahatma and Rashtrapita
  • I Predict – Dr. Vasantrao Gowarikar
  • Blue Revolution – Shri. M.A. Chitale
  • Epilogue of Ramayana – Shri. M.R. Yardi, ICS (Retd.)
  • Epilogue of Mahabharat – Shri. M.R. Yardi, ICS (Retd.)
  • Bhagvad Gita – Shri. M.R. Yardi, ICS (Retd)
  • Antaricha Magova – G.K. Pradhan
  • Saad Deti Himshikhare – G.K. Pradhan
  • Krishnanugami Chaitanyam – Dr. Dayanand Rao
  • Ishtadevata Stuti – Dr. Dayananda Rao
  • Sursundari – Dr. G.B. Deglurkar
  • Manobodh – Manache Shloka – Balkrishna Narayan Rudre (English)
  • Jnaneshwari 5th Edition – Shri. M.R. Yardi, ICS (Retd.) 2012

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