It was during early 1992 that the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Pune Kendra conducted a seminar to discuss several basic issues related to pre-primary education. The seminar emphasized a long felt need for a quality training programme for preprimary teachers, geared to meet the needs of changing times. In 1992, the preprimary teachers’ training college was started at Senapati Bapat Road and in 2005 at Kothrud

The training college has been instrumental in training and preparing teachers to teach at the preschool level, catering to the age group between three to six years. These years in the child’s life are most crucial and impressionable, serving as the very foundation of later learning. The basic objective of the college is to train the teachers to meet the challenges and demands of the growing child, in terms of its all round development.

The college has full time, highly qualified and experienced faculty members who teach the theory courses as well as guide the practical work. The college is headed by a full time director.



The course has comprehensive and in-depth coverage of relevant theoretical areas. The theory subjects include conceptual topic as well as applied aspects related to curriculum and preschool management. In an effort to keep trainee’s updated, the theory subjects also include special papers on contemporary issues and exceptional children.

The course strives for an appropriate balance between theory and practice. The practical aspect of the course involves ‘supervised teaching’. This requires the trainee teachers to participate, on a daily basis, in planning and executing continue as well as innovative curriculu8m activities in a school. The supervised teaching is carried out under the able guidance of trained and experienced faculty members, who help instill confidence in trainees and sharpen their skills required for classroom teaching. The practical training also includes helping trainee teachers prepare creative teaching aids. Besides the regular curriculum, the college conducts various interactive workshops for the trainee teachers. The experts from the field of Early Childhood Education are invited as resources persons to conduct these workshops.

The trained teachers who successfully complete the course are awarded a Diploma in Preprimary Teaching by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Pune Kendra. These diploma holders will be qualified for teaching in pre primary schools

The placement record for the passing out students has been 100% since the inception of the college. While many trainee teachers have joined prestigious schools, some have been successfully running their own pre-primary schools ‘day care centres’.

Candidates desiring admission should preferably be between 20-45 years of age. They should posses a bachelor’s degree in any faculty from an approved university.

Period of Training

  • The period of training will be one full academic year from July to April.

  • The course is conducted five days a week between 8.45 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. every day.


The course is aimed for the teachers who are not qualified. The course content is divided into theory subjects and practical work.


  • The candidates should be working in the pre-school. They should submit the letter certifying this, duly signed by the authorities. Period of Training

  • The course will be conducted on every Saturday for 2 hours from July to April.


The course will facilitate students to gain not only new knowledge but also new theoretical skills overcoming the handicaps related to time availability, distance and opportunity to take up regular course. Distance Learning is an opportunity to learn at the suitable the pace as well as convenience of the candidates. Candidates who do not want to shift their base or are engaged in full-time, higher studies will gain the requisites skills without disturbing the existing schedule of their work or study.

The course intends to involve a high degree of interactivity between faculty and students.
The course will also address the needs of small schools in rural areas.
The course content is divided into the theory subjects and practical work.


  • Candidates desiring admission should preferably be between 17-45 years of age. They should have passed the XII Std. Examination at least and in any faculty from the approved board.

Period of Training

The period of training will be one full academic year from July to April

Fees may be paid in cash or by cheque. The fees are non refundable for all the courses.


The College also offer Crash Courses for the teachers from pre-primary schools at the request of the schools. These courses are tailored to the specific needs of the teachers and the school. The college also undertakes consultancy work to serve the pre-primary Schools, helping them in diverse manner. The college can help the schools in setting up a new school, streamlining the operations of the existing school, refining the curriculum and capacity building and training of the teachers.


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